Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pastrami update

The brisket sat in the pickling brine for three days. (A few hours short of the whole 72, actually, but who's counting?) And this evening I dusted it with toasted, freshly ground black pepper and coriander and moved it into the smoker pit.

Because it's supposed to smoke very slowly (Ruhlman and Polcyn write that usually, pastrami is cold smoked before it's finished in a hot smoke environment), I set a pan of ice in the pit with the meat. You can see that even after the 10 minutes or so it took me to get the photo, the ice has begun to discolor from the smoke.

As I write this, the ice is gone and the meat is getting warmer. Currently it's cooking at about 275 F.

I'll have pastrami before bed time.

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