Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not 2004

The night of the last presidential election I watched coverage of the returns late into the wee hours. When CNN reported that Ohio voters in late-reporting precincts said they were voting on social issues like gay marriage, I knew it was lost and went to bed. Next morning I picked up the first of Patrick O'Brian's seafaring novels. The times were not with me, and the Napoleonic Wars seemed like a safe place to visit for a while. I read them all over the next weeks. All 20 or so of them.

Tonight when the news broke that Obama had enough electoral votes to win, my wife cried. It was joy behind her tears.

Tonight my daughter in Austin texted me "We did it!" "333 electoral votes and counting!" I replied. A few moments later she shot back "Landslide! History live on MSNBC."

Tonight when Obama began his victory speech, my wife cried again. Cried along with Jesse Jackson and many others on TV.

My daughter was born almost 25 years ago in Terre Haute, IN. She's of the generation that ushered in this change. Earlier tonight, I read that Vigo County, IN (Terre Haute's county) got the presidential election right every election but two since 1892. Vigo County (and my daughter) got it right again tonight.

Anything I read this week, I'll read for joy, not escape.

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