Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pimp my Prius

Over at Juiced Hybrid you can buy all sorts of widgets to make your Prius cooler, hotter and more efficient. Items range from a bolt-on chassis stiffener:

To a device you plug into the car's diagnostic system that promises to teach you how to improve your mileage:

To an electronic module that will make your Prius run on battery power only at speeds up to 34 mph:

To a $5,000 kit to convert your Prius to a plug-in EV car with 360 lbs of extra batteries and a huge increase in mileage:

Juiced Hybrid claims you can expect up to 100 mpg with the extra batteries.

I searched the site and found no offerings for Prius duallies:

They did have a link to a Prius autocross race, though:

Somebody should organize the Texas Grand Prius (Marfa to Terlingua, say). I'd enter.

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