Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dimensions Vary

Guess I ought to write something since my friend Morse linked to me. So here goes…

The art car/car art magnetic sign painting project is on hold while I try to figure out what’s what with sign contractors and plastic transparencies. While I have every confidence that there is a solution, I have no idea what the solution will be at present.

My colleague Josie’s show opened this week with a pile o’ smiles and not a little weirdness. Says I to another colleague: “This is some deeply weird shit.” Replied she: “How deep? How weird?” Well, there's a motion-activated tinker-toy-like contraption that makes tiny Frederick Remington cowpokes bounce and dance on dowel rods to begin with. The artist in question is Max Kazemzadeh. Also in the show is a designer named Danielle Aubert whose Microsoft Excel drawings look considerably more beautiful than anything I've made in that medium. And then there's Anne Eastman whose videos are lovely, but whose photo, Foucault's Furniture, is a current object of my desire, even if it's not part of the show.

There’s a somewhat unsatisfactory Web cam for the show here, but be warned that it's dark and unresponsive unless the gallery is open. Look for it to update mostly between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. (CST) weekdays. That I've arranged to have Andy Holtin's cardboard surveillance cameras Webcast -- via a tiny wireless device and via the support of a phalanx of nerds who found it "interesting" -- makes me feel like I'm part of the project myself. At least tonight it does.

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