Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prof. Joe Barnhardt, an interview

WBIR, Knoxville has an extensive and unedited interview with Joe Barhnardt here. The video is a little over 27 minutes long, but it's worth it.

It's obvious he's on the mend. It's obvious he's heartbroken over the loss of his dear friend Linda Kraeger. She and her husband lived in a two-story house they shared with the Barnhardts -- separate living quarters upstairs and down. They had moved to Knoxville last year to help care for his two granddaughters.

Over the course of the interview, Joe talks about capital punishment, about thinking he was dying, about religious tolerance, about civil society, about the injuries sustained by other members of his family, and about the daily routines of their lives. Quoting Roger Williams, he says people of different beliefs can live together "so long as you keep the civil peace."

He speaks of having the common sense to know that you can learn from people whose beliefs you do not share. Common sense is what he embodies throughout. That and love for his family.

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