Thursday, July 3, 2008

Writing about the Art Bomb

My review of Robert Wilhite's The Bomb is online. I mentioned Wilhite's show at Barry Whistler Gallery in a June 14th blog. At that time I only had a cell phone picture of it. Below is a great shot by photographer Allison V. Smith.

Another review has passed through the final edit and has been approved for publication here. A third, destined for publication here is still in the rewriting stage. Writing for an online journal like Glasstire is a real pleasure. Fast turnarounds = instant gratification.

Happy Fourth of July. Let us now contemplate the Fat Man.


Allison V. Smith said...

congrats on the reviews and thanks for the photo credit! ;)

Mike Odom said...

Hey Allison! I'm very grateful for your excellent image. Many thanks. Isn't Bob's sculpture fine?

BTW, I liked your portrait of him on your photo blog. Whacked, smart cropping.

robert said...

Your review was great.
You completely got it.
Thanks for taking the time and the energy to state it.
-Bob Wilhite

Mike Odom said...


It was a pleasure. Writing about good art is always inspiring. I'm one of those children of the Bomb, too.