Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dallas dinner

At the suggestion of a friend we ate at Thai Noodle and Rice on Fitzhugh just east of North Central while we were in Dallas tonight. We hit the ATM on the way because we were forewarned they didn't take credit cards. It was a delight. The whole place has a homemade feel to it right down to the hand-lettered take-out menu: "Hot & spicy make taste."

We had an order of basil rolls, which were spring roll-like concoctions served with a delicious peanut/tamarind dipping sauce. That was the appetizer. One of the main courses was a spicy flat noodle dish with small bits of pork. Wow. The other main was a Thai beef salad, which although it was really good, didn't match the marvelous balance of spice, sweetness and texture of the noodles.

While we were eating, the cook dropped by our table to make suggestions for our next meal there (beef with sticky rice is all I remember). "I try to make it like the original," he said of his cooking. I liked that. Not authentic, but like what he remembers from before he emigrated.

As we prepared to leave, a waitress came by to suggest other tasty choices for our next visit since we like spicy food. I know it's a way of drumming up business for the restaurant, and that's okay. But there's something especially rewarding about seeing people who are both really good at what they do and know that what they do is really good. Having them share it with you is a pleasure.

Our tab was less than $25.

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