Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I spent the day slogging through some of the mess in my embarrassingly too big studio. Vacuum cleaners and machetes and stomping bigass spiders behind me, I have at least one room in a non-toxic state tonight. The work was pretty much physical, which was a gift, actually, since I needed the break from writing.

The writing proceeds apace. I have a draft of a review for one mag and a glimmering about what to do for the next one. The next one comes tomorrow -- a day late by my schedule, but that's what happens when you spend the afternoon hacking arachnids with almost illegal blades instead of writing. Wonder what my deadline is?

Meanwhile I also have three chunks of cured pork belly in the smoker pit right now. The belly chunks have been in a cure for a week as of tonight. It's time I had a good look at them.

Bacon beckons. More later.

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Morse said...

Somehow I sense a wry twist on "Charlotte's Web" in that post.