Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dallas Trip II

Drove back to Dallas yesterday, this time to see the CADD art fair at 333 1st Ave. It was a pleasure to see works by old friends and many new (to me) artists all together in one display area. A scarlet screenprint brushmark by James Nares at Marty Walker’s booth is still in my mind – active, gestural, painterly, and totally canned to the extent that it’s a representation of those qualities.

And I got a tee shirt for the price of admission. There was a lecture by Paige West, founder of Mixed Greens Gallery and the West Collection. She spoke about collecting to a mixed group of art professionals, gallerists, collectors, and the merely curious. While I didn’t find much of what she said useful, some of the audience appeared to be quite engaged.

I don't need advice about what to buy. What I need is the cash to buy that screenprint.

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