Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wandering Around

At loose ends this afternoon, I drove to the Bass Pro Shop to see what was up with the joint. It's a huge boats and guns and hunting and fishing and outdoors-in-general megastore. These are not my people. Except for the smoker pits. A sign at the entrance turn styles: "Please deposit all guns and crossbows with the attendant." I couldn't have said it better myself. I wonder what's to become of their business as unemployment rises now that gas is $4 a gallon? Surely folks will reduce how much they drive out to the woods and shoot shit in the current economic situation. There was only one Hummer in the parking lot.


Morse said...

I think they should shoot at the Hummer.

Mike Odom said...

Now, now, Morse there were kids in that parking lot. The ricochet potential when plugging a Hummer is too great to risk in the circumstances.

I'm still cogitating on the intellectual vs workers trope I mentioned on your blog. It's going to entail a restatement of this whole can o' worms.

Derek said...

Hey Mike - Next time you're down there hanging with your posse at the Bass Pro Shop, take a picture of that sign, "Please deposit all guns and crossbows with the attendant." Or maybe I'll stop in with my camera next time I'm down that way. Sounds like it would be perfect for the Gallery of the Absurd, Is the sign meant ironic in any way, or are they serious here?