Friday, August 29, 2008

At last! Magnet paintings!

The car art/art car magnet paintings are in.

So far participants include: Ted, Josie, Susan, Donna, Kevin and Ann, Shannon, Treacia, Christy, Carolyn, Vaughn, Claire, Richard, Holly, Bev, Howard, Barbara, Thom, Jill and Stan, Chris, Sherelyn, Kevin and Laura, Paula, Joe, Sal, and Pati.

Some participants live in New York. Some live in California. Others are in Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, and various places around Texas. Texans participating live in Marfa, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Commerce.

I began distributing them locally late this afternoon, and I bought almost all the mailing tubes in town. The more far-flung participants will get theirs next week.

At 20 inches tall, the magnet paintings are too big for some vehicles' doors. Some local recipients have found they have to put them on the hood. That seems to work quite well, except for one Chrysler product which apparently has a plastic hood.

Participants can put the magnet paintings on their cars whenever they want, but the official opening of the show will be Saturday, Sept. 13. That is the opening day of the fall gallery season in my part of Texas.

There are about eight magnet paintings remaining. If anybody wants one you can contact me through my Web site:

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