Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav (edited)

I've had to edit this entry because the images I'd originally linked are being updated by the source at Weather Underground. The course plot and the satellite composite image will change as the storm evolves. I'll leave the linked images up for the time being.

Their prediction is that Gustav will hit Louisiana Monday, but mercifully will have lost some of his power by that time. Weather Underground currently shows Gustav to be a category four storm with winds above 131 MPH. They show him growing to a category five tomorrow -- a monster with sustained winds above 156 MPH. But the expectation is that the storm will not be that strong when it hits the coast Monday.

NOAA offers this chart:

Pray for my home state.


Morse said...

You know who I really pity? Karl Rove. He says Republicans can't get a break.

Mike Odom said...

It's about them, isn't it? My mom is worried for her roof, but we all hope he has a nice party up with the lutefisk munchers.