Saturday, September 6, 2008

Magnet paintings update

They have arrived in Marfa, TX, Austin, and Houston. I'm guessing they are also in Dallas, but folks there haven't contacted me with the news. If they haven't yet arrived in New York, California, Kansas and elsewhere, they should get there soon.

One person in Houston tells me her magnet blew off the side of her car at highway speeds yesterday. I've had no problem with that happening, but one or more factors may have contributed to her loss: either the magnet was not completely flattened out from its stint rolled up in the mailing tube and so a bit of the leading edge caught the wind and peeled it off; or the magnet was set over a strip of trim on the door and the resulting pocket caught the wind. At 20 inches high, the magnets are too large to fit some car doors, and some people have resorted to putting them on their hoods and other parts of their autos.

A replacement magnet is on the way to Houston. Meanwhile here's a photo from Marfa:

Thanks to Cay for the quick response. I'll post a few more pictures from the "Painting is Never Traveling Show" here as they come in and as seems appropriate. And I'll work on a page for my Web site for all photos. Posting them all on this blog might get pretty boring.

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Morse said...

I received mine yesterday.